Robotics, Mechatronics, and Controls

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james lee




James Lee



Department: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Biomedical Engineering
Phone: (202) 994-5971
Email: [email protected]
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Research Interest: Professor James Lee and his research group conduct theoretical, analytical, and numerical research in molecular dynamics simulation, multiple length/time scale modeling, thermomechanical-electromagnetic coupling phenomena, mixture theory, and nonlocal theory. His current research interests include multiscale modeling of multi-physics for nano/micro material systems, mixture theory for mechanobiology, nonlocal theory and material force for fracture mechanics, and advanced finite element analysis of thermomechanical-electromagnetic coupling phenomena, especially for shape memory materials and electro active polymer.

taeyoung lee




Taeyoung Lee



Department: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Phone: (202) 994-8710
Email: [email protected]
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Research Interest: Professor Taeyoung Lee's Flight Dynamics and Control Lab conducts theoretical, computational, and experimental research in nonlinear dynamics and control for complex aerospace systems. Current projects include geometric control for complex maneuvers of unmanned aerial vehicles, vision-based formation control of spacecraft, computational geometric uncertainty propagation for Hamiltonian systems on a Lie group, relative orbit estimation based on line-of-sight measurements, agile load transportation with dynamically-coupled quadrotor aerial vehicles, and orbital maneuvering for nano satellites with micro-cathode thrusters.

peng wei




Peng Wei


Assistant Professor

Department: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Email: [email protected]
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Research Interest: By contributing to the intersection of control, optimization, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, Dr. Wei develops autonomy and human-in-the-loop decision making systems for aeronautics, aviation and aerial robotics. His current focus is on safety, efficiency, and scalability for decision making in uncertain and dynamic environments. Recent applications include: air traffic control/management, airline operations, UAS traffic management, eVTOL urban air mobility, and autonomous drone racing. Dr. Wei leads the Intelligent Aerospace Systems Lab (IASL).