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Fall 2020

Frank Howard Distinguished Lecture: “Navigating the New Normal”

Student Workshop: NSF and Funded Research Application

Spring 2020

Cancelled - MAE Seminar: “Vascular Biomechanics at Multiple Scales towards the Prevention of In-stent Restenosis”

MAE Seminar: “Recent Advances in Microgravity Fluid Mechanics with Application to Rocket Propulsion and Space Exploration”

Towards Building a Robust Computational Framework and Software Engineering Process for Simulations of Multiphysics and Multiscale Problems

GW AIAA: “A Panel Discussion on Climate Change: Engineering and Policy Issues”

Fall 2019

High Assurance Autonomy for Cyber-Physical Systems: Secure Control Analysis and Design

Fall 2018

SEAS Frank Howard Distinguished Lecture and Dean's Reception at Colonials Weekend 2018

Special SEAS Event: "Live from the International Space Station: Q&A with NASA Astronaut & SEAS Alumna Serena Auñón-Chancellor"

NASA Astronaut & SEAS Alumna Serena Auñón-Chancellor Space Launch Event

Department Colloquia Archives

Spring 2019

Benchmark Experiments for CFD Modeling and Validation

Quantifying roughness effects on frictional drag

Unraveling the Impact of Fluid-Structure Interactions on Hypersonic Flight

Fall 2018

Heterogeneous transport in porous media: from immiscible fluid displacement to cracking

Analysis of charging dynamics relevant to magnetized-orbit dusty plasma confinement: Signature of gyrophase drift in space dust

Model Predictive Control for Helicopter Ship Landing Operations

Growth and Remodeling Soft Tissue Mechanics in Pregnancy

Unified Mechanics Theory F=m a ((1-ϕ(s ̇ ))

SEAS Frank Howard Distinguished Lecture and Dean's Reception at Colonials Weekend 2018

Material Characterization of Nanostructured Ferritic Alloy through Atomistic Modeling

Laboratory-Scaled Experiments on Impulsively Loaded Structures in a Fluid Environment

Weak Galerkin Finite Element Methods and Numerical Applications

Joint Seminar with Department of Chemistry: Have 100,000 Lasers, Will Travel–Frequency Comb Spectroscopy in Atmospheric and Combustion Systems

Bubble deformation and breakup in strong turbulence