MAKING AN IMPACT: Faculty and students in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering conduct research that aims to: treat human diseases, enhance nuclear reactor safety, create quieter underwater autonomous vehicles, and much more.



Michael Plesniak
Dr. Michael Plesniak, Chair

On behalf of the faculty and community of the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE), I extend to you a cordial welcome to our web site.

Revolutionary developments in all aspects of mechanical engineering and in related disciplines make this an exciting time to study and conduct research in this multi-faceted field, both as undergraduate and graduate students.

Undergraduates studying in the department can obtain the Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering with possible options in aerospace engineering, patent law, biomechanical engineering, and medical preparation. Outside of the classroom, we encourage and provide opportunities for study abroad, internships, and undergraduate research experiences.

At the graduate level, students can enroll for the Master of Science, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), and professional (Engineer, Applied Scientist) degrees. We also offer four-course graduate certificate programs in computer-integrated design and energy engineering.

The MAE department maintains a diverse program of research directed at a wide range of problems in areas such as bio-inspired engineering, bioengineering, energy and sustainability, multiscale modeling and simulation, nanotechnology, mechatronics and robotics, machine design, manufacturing, fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, and materials science. We are also active in research associated with various aspects of aerospace science including aerodynamics, astrodynamics, aircraft design, flight dynamics and control, propulsion, and aeroacoustics.

Opportunities for graduate student support are available in many of these areas, and we invite prospective graduate students to contact us for detailed information about teaching and research assistantships.

Whether you are a prospective undergraduate or graduate student, we would be happy to discuss our programs and all the options that are available to you at GW’s Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Please contact us at (202) 994-6749 or e-mail us.


Michael Plesniak, Ph.D.
Chairman, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering




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