International Visa Workshop

Thu, 29 February, 2024 4:00pm - 5:30pm

Join the Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship for an invaluable discussion on maximizing your student visa and OPT period to further your startup goals and ensure you can transition into another visa category with careful planning! Speaker Tahmina  Watson will share practical tips, strategies, and guidance on visa options for international student startup founders so your American dream can come true.

Speaker Bio

Often referred to as “America’s Startup Visa Lawyer,” Tahmina Watson is a nationally and internationally acclaimed award-winning US immigration attorney. She is the founder of Watson Immigration Law, where her practice focuses on employment-based immigration with a focus on startups, founders, entrepreneurs, and investors. 

Western Market 2000 Pennsylvania Ave NW, 7th Floor Washington DC 20052

Open to students.

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