GW Professors Abroad: Dr. Kausik Sarkar Visits IIT Madras in India

March 7, 2024

Sarkar at IIT Madras for his invited talk

In the BioMedical Acoustics and Complex Fluids Lab, Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Kausik Sarkar explores the flows and acoustics of particulate multiphase flows in regard to both their fundamental and biomedical applications. Sarkar traveled to the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) in early February to share the latest developments in his lab’s two main areas of current research in the invited talk, “A Tale of two topics: Bubbles for imaging, therapeutics and tissue engineering and A pair of drops in a viscoelastic medium.”

IIT Madras is one of India’s institutes of national importance in higher technical education and basic and applied research that has been named the top-ranked engineering institute in India for four consecutive years. In his talk, Sarkar provided students of IIT Madras with an overview of his team’s latest efforts on microbubbles and ultrasound-assisted bone and cartilage tissue engineering in 3D-printed scaffolds. The second area he covered was his work around large-scale computation and modeling of suspensions and emulsions of particles, drops, capsules, and blood cells.

“It was wonderful visiting IIT Madras to meet with engaging faculty interested in research collaborations and a vibrant student body. The enormous investment the institution has made in continually hiring new faculty and creating a large bustling industrial research park was impressive to see,” said Sarkar.