2024 GW Business & Policy Forum

Imagining the Future with AI
Tue, 2 April, 2024 8:00am - 6:30pm

An artificial intelligence boom is underway and accelerating at an exponential magnitude. The developments in big data and machine learning have now led to large language models that are rapidly paving the way toward the emergence of artificial generative intelligence (AGI).

What mechanisms and frameworks should we use to prepare for the future? How should these innovations materialize in markets around the globe? What safe and ethical practices could government and business leaders follow when integrating AI into their operations? During this second annual GW Business & Policy Forum, leading experts, practitioners, and leaders from the private and public sectors will convene to discuss these questions and others that society must address, juxtaposed with the transformational benefits of AI for our economic and social welfare.

Register today for the 2024 GW Business & Policy Forum: Imagining the Future with AI! The day-long event will feature panel discussions, keynote speakers, and several opportunities for networking. Learn more about the speakers and view the schedule on the GW Business & Policy Forum website.

Jack Morton Auditorium 805 21st Street NW Washington DC 20052

Open to everyone.

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