GW Entrepreneurs Win Recognition in International Investment Competition

January 10, 2024

Nanochon CEO and GW alumnus Ben Holmes

Early Innovation Systems (EIS) and Nanochon, another company founded at GW, were among just five finalists at the World Business Angel Investment Forum 2023 (WBAF) international venture pitch competition. Nanochon is developing a 3D-printed implant to address joint cartilage loss in younger patients, potentially preventing the need for full knee replacement later, while EIS is developing tools to streamline patient care professionals’ documentation of their clients’ well-being.

Nanochon CEO Ben Holmes developed the seeds of the company with Nathan Castro, both Ph.D. ’16, while they were doctoral students in the laboratory of GW Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Associate Dean for Research Lijie Grace Zhang. While he wasn’t able to attend the event—Nanochon representative Rachel Offenburg was there to accept the win—Holmes said it’s opened the company to international visibility as they move from testing their implant in horses toward human trials next year.

“This was really an opportunity for us to introduce our product to the global community for the first time,” Holmes said. “We’ve had a lot of interest from potential funding partners: a lot of sovereign wealth funds and international angel groups are present at this event, as well as the WBAF itself.”

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